With the closure of his employer in 2021 due to the unbearable pressures caused by Covid, Tony Hogarth decided to put his wealth of  knowledge to use filling the niche he saw within his industry. Tony’s experience in design and pre-press, as well as in digital print had shown him that virtually every printed job cost additional time and money due to the unfortunate gap in knowledge between client, designer and printer.

Though no ones fault, these gaps consistantly resulted in clients supplying poor quality and low resolution artwork elements to designers, designers supplying unusable files to printers and unfortunately, sometimes rejected prints at a cost to client or printer, usually when up against a deadline.

So Tony started Wyldcat Creative where we’ll work with you to get the best results as smoothly and quickly as possible. If it’s a problem we can fix in – house we’ll do it, no fuss, no time wasted. We might be a small company but our small  prices reflect that – you’re not paying for trendy basketball hoops or airhockey tables in our office – just results driven, friendly service.

“Client satisfaction is the key to repeat business. We take pride in our committment to making all of our clients happy.”

Tony Hogarth

Owner and Project Manager

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